WSC’s class  periods (165 minutes) are three times as long as those on the home campuses (53 minutes). Our semesters are one-third as long, that is, 6 weeks instead of 18 weeks.

New students are admitted at the beginning of each 6 week mini-mester:

  • Mini-mester 1: Aug. 22-Sept. 30
  • Mini-mester 2: Oct. 3-Nov. 4
  • Mini-mester 3: Nov. 7-Dec 16

December graduation: Dec. 15

  • Mini-mester 4: Jan 3-Feb. 17
  • Mini-mester 2: Feb. 21-Apr. 7
  • Mini-mester 3: Apr. 10-May 25

May graduation: May 24

Applications should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the first day of each mini-mester.

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