Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a student at Windfern School of Choice?

Download an Application under the Parents & Students tab - Application Process tab.

What is Windfern's Dress Code Policy?

Windfern School of Choice is governed by the same dress code as are all other Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. schools.  The guidelines of the dress code which are detailed in the Student Code of Conduct are strictly enforced at Windfern.

What is Windfern's Phone Policy?

Use of cell phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, headphones, and any other electronic devices is strictly prohibited at Windfern School of Choice during instructional time. Students may use electronic equipment ONLY before and after classes and during the lunch period (12:00 - 12:45).

What is Windfern's Tardy Policy?

Students are expected to report to class on time each period. Students must get an "admit to class" pass from the front reception desk for any tardy before reporting to class.

Students who accrue more than three tardies total from all classes combined each six weeks will be assigned lunch detention for the fourth tardy and every tardy thereafter. Students assigned to Lunch D-Hall will receive notification to report to the next day by 11:15 and remain until 11:50. If a student does not comply with this directive he/she could have further disciplinary consequences that could jeopardize enrollment at Windfern School of Choice.

Where can I pick up a parking pass?

Students who park cars on campus must have a Windfern School of Choice parking sticker for the current year.  Parking stickers are sold at the Front Desk. Students must park in the Pridgeon Football Stadium parking lot across Bobcat Road.

I need to take medication at school. How is this handled?

All medication must be kept in the clinic by the school nurse who will administer dosages.

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