Students Set Class Expectations

September 11, 2018


Students in Mrs. Pearsall's Money Matters and Digital Media classes created their own Social Contract for the new school year. Answering the questions "What kind of teacher do you want? What does that look like?", students listed all the things they expect their teacher to be. From "bringing donuts" to "notice my struggles", students were honest about what they expected from their teacher.

Next, the students answered the question "What kind of student does your teacher want? What does that look like?". Students brainstormed to come up with a very comprehensive list of the dream student. Some of the items on this list included "not annoying", and "take the journey with the teacher".

The student responses were compiled into one document which became the Social Contract for Mrs. Pearsall's classes. Both the students and teacher signed the document that includes principles all will live by. Everyone is looking forward to a great year!


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