Spotlight Teacher 2016 - 2017

May 9, 2017

The Windfern family extends our warmest congratulations to Aimee Falcon our Spotlight Teacher for 2016 - 2017. A great teacher and co-worker, this honor is well deserved. 

Martha Strother, Principal, said it best. "Windfern School of Choice counts as one of its treasures a remarkably gifted teacher whose daily mission is to awaken her students’ love for learning. Aimee Falcon uses hands-on and real-world applications to bring alive both simple and complex science principles. She delights in the “aha” expression on students’ faces as they work on experiments and projects. With her students, Mrs. Falcon enjoys a healthy rapport, having developed a balance between warm friendliness and flexible authority. Students know that from Mrs. Falcon they can expect respect, fair-mindedness and clear-cut expectations. Through their teacher’s tenacity and belief in their abilities, students learn to believe in themselves and work to meet the standards of achievement she has outlined for them."

Way to go Aimee. You make Windfern proud! 


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