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Treasure Stevenson
Age: 20
Grade: 12th
Home Campus: Cy Lakes
Siblings: 3 sisters and 2 brothers
Accomplishments: Living on my own and paying off my car
Favorite class: English IV because... I learned alot and Mrs. Abuita is a great instructor
After school I usually: Go to work
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Criminal Minds
Favorite Movie: Green Mile
Favorite App: Instagram
Favorite Song: Movie by Chris Brown
Ambition: Becoming a Police Officer
What topics/things are you passionate about? Being a mother
What inspires you? My son
What three things can’t you live without? My son, my sister, and my job
Plans after Windfern: Become a Police Officer
Zanaia Lambert
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Home Campus: Cy Creek
Siblings: 3 younger sisters
Accomplishments: Graduating high school a year early
Favorite class: English because... I love to read and write
After school I usually: Watch my siblings
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Sponge Bob
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
Favorite App: Netflix
Favorite Song: W.A.Y.S. by Jhene Aiko
Ambition: Get accepted into Duke
What topics/things are you passionate about? Writing
What inspires you? My mother and grandmother
What two things can’t you live without? My mom and grandmother
Plans after Windfern: Go to the LoneStar for two years and then transfer to Duke

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