1st Mini-mester

Students of the week


Victoria Ciccia
Grade: 12th
Age: 19
Home Campus: Cy Springs
Siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers 
Accomplishments: Coming to Windfern and graduating this December 
Favorite class: All classes are my favorite because the teachers help me and are always there when I need someone to talk to.
After school, I usually: Help my mom around the house and help my siblings with their homework
Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite App: 8 Ball Pool
Favorite Song: Beautiful by Eminem
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Ambition: To become a Doctor
What topics/things are you passionate about? Family time, MMA, Food
What inspires you? My family inspires me to do better and become a better person for myself
What three things can’t you live without? Family, food, friends
Plans after Windfern: Go to the college and become a doctor.
Joshua Dellacer
Grade: 9th
Age: 17
Home Campus: Cy Fair
Siblings: 1 sister and 1 brother 
Pets: Boxer named Kiya 
Favorite class: Spanish II because Mr. Ayuso is a great teacher
After school, I usually: Work or play video games and hang out with my girlfriend
Favorite Movie: The Vow
Favorite App: Google Play Music
Favorite Song: Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Shameless
Ambition: To become an Electrical Engineer
What topics/things are you passionate about? Video games and setting short and long-term personal goals
What inspires you? Overcoming obstacles
What three things can’t you live without? Games, education, and love
Plans after Windfern: Go to the University of Houston to get my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and then work on my Masters in Contracting.
Julian Diaz
Grade: 12th
Age: 18
Home Campus: Jersey Village
Siblings: 2 
Favorite class: History
After school I usually: Cook, write skits, film, work on photography
Favorite Movie: All the "saw" movies
Favorite App: Spotify
Favorite Song: Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin
Favorite TV/Cable Show: American Horror Story
Ambition: To be the King of horror movies
What topics/things are you passionate about? Filming, photography, music
What inspires you? Seeing my mom happy that I'm doing well.
What three things can’t you live without? Music, filming, and cameras
Plans after Windfern: Go to Art school and focus on filming
Kiana Hampton
Grade: 10th
Age: 16
Home Campus: Cypress Creek
Siblings: 3 brothers and 4 sisters
Favorite class: Reading ... because I like to read and write.
After school I usually: Go home and spend time with my mom and siblings.
Favorite Movie: Poetic Justice
Favorite App: Instagram
Favorite Song: Down Fall by Lil Lonnie
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Star
Ambition: To own my own law firm
What topics/things are you passionate about? Acting and writing
What inspires you? The support my family gives me inspires me to do my best.
What three things can’t you live without? My mom, my siblings, and my phone.
Plans after Windfern: Go to college and law school to become a lawyer
Zachery Huff
Grade: 11
Age: 16
Home Campus: Cypress Woods
Pets: 2 dogs - Shih Tzus
Siblings: 4 brothers and 1 sister
Favorite class: US History ... because it's interesting.
After school I usually: sleep
Favorite Movie: Dead Pool
Favorite App: Snap Chat
Favorite Song: Ladders by Mac Miller
Favorite TV/Cable Show: South Park
Ambition: To go to college
What topics/things are you passionate about? Music
What inspires you? My uncle because he has a strong work ethic.
What three things can’t you live without? My phone, friends, and my family.
Plans after Windfern: Go to college then enlist in the military.

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